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Platform, Website & Mobile

StratAgile combines business, data, technology, intelligence and analysis to generate digital, mobile & social ideas, programs and platforms.

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Website Platforms


Being the center of your digital identity, web platforms are extremely crucial for any business. Collectively, web platforms include websites, microsites, eCommerce platforms, talent management portals and any other internal and external facing platforms.

StratAgile’s expertise in the major technologies and our familiarity in multiple open source and enterprise level languages allows us to create web platforms that interact and interface with existing or new infrastructure.

Seamless digital interoperability…


Mobile Apps


Given the diverse yet universal mobile environment these days, mobile apps are critical channels that every brand requires for an improved digital presence. With StratAgile’s expertise in all the popular mobile platforms – Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows – you can be assured that your mobile app will be developed, designed and launched on multiple platforms quickly. Using knowledge at both ends – we are able to develop a tightly integrated mobile-web experience for you and your customers.

Seamless digital interoperability…


Social Apps


With the growing importance of social media, social apps are slowly rising in importance in the realm of integrated digital marketing. From leveraging to developing unique social experiences in the social world to integrating social apps for websites and mobile, social apps allow users to directly interact with you via social means – a crucial feature for business in this data sensitive world.

Seamless digital interoperability…


Customised Platforms


Relying on our expertise in both consulting and technology capabilities, StratAgile will assist in developing customised platforms that cater to your business needs. These customised platforms are niche, developed exclusively for you and catered to meet your specific requirements. From IT infrastructure to security to rigid business rules, customised platforms are required to allow for rapid adoption and scalability.

Social Media Management

Our 'Social Media Management Protocol' framework provides you a scientific approach to managing multiple social platform identities.

Marketing Operation

We will handle your end-to-end marketing for both online and offline marketing. These includes brand management, assets creation, channel deployment and campaign operations.


Our 'StratCommerce' platform powers a seamless online, mobile and retail POS experience together with analytics and channel enablement.

Digital Consulting ​​

The strategic frameworks and consulting outcomes help you to create and establish rewarding relationships between your brands, consumers and partners.

Data, Insights & Analytics

We offer the entire spectrum of solutions – data processing, datamarts, data & web analytics and dashboards.

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