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Marketing Operations

StratAgile combines business, data, technology, intelligence and analysis to generate digital, mobile & social ideas, programs and platforms.

Integrated offline and online marketing


Marketing Automation


At Stratagile, we focus on the behavior, needs, interests, attitudes and opinions, content consumption pattern and purchase relationships of your prospects and leads to improve their experience with your brand and their desire to convert. We construct customer journeys which will help the brands to create goal-based campaigns for sales acceleration and moment of truth campaigns for relationship nurturing. The triggered interactions are omnichannel based – through email, App push, SMS, banners/Ads within the web and mobile platforms using best-to-fit marketing automation plaforms.

Our marketing automation services can enable you ideate, design, plan and execute campaigns on an end-to-basis. At StratAgile, we have the expertise to manage multicountry-multilanguage marketing automation programs using some of the well known platforms.


Generating leads for your campaigns…


Campaigns Hub – eMail, SMS and QR


In order to facilitate quick deployment of campaigns, StratAgile provides bureau services for our clients. These includes eMail deployment, SMS campaign and QR driven campaigns. Our campaign bureau helpdesk covers both the management and the reporting of data.

Generating leads for your campaigns…


Lead Scoring


Lead scoring is a methodology used to rank prospects against a scale that represents the perceived value each lead represents to the organization. What this means to your brand and organisation is the ability to determine and rate whitespace leads rather than engaging them aimlessly. With our lead scoring integrated engine, based on specific parameters, each lead will be assigned a specific priority.

Generating leads for your campaigns…


Survey & Brand trackers


Using our survey engine, StratAgile is able to conceptualise, design, deploy and manage online survey and brand trackers for your brand and organisation. Being an exclusive vendor for Singpost MyMailMoment programme, we are able to tap on SingPost panels as well as other renowned global panel lists in Singapore and the region. We have run Top of the Mind Recall, Ads Recall Survey, Brand Survey and Competitive Survey for Global brands to determine their brand strengths. These surveys include a detailed analytics report which can be further acted upon by our clients.

Social Media Management

Our 'Social Media Management Protocol' framework provides you a scientific approach to managing multiple social platform identities.


Our 'StratCommerce' platform powers a seamless online, mobile and retail POS experience together with analytics and channel enablement.

Digital Consulting ​​

The strategic frameworks and consulting outcomes help you to create and establish rewarding relationships between your brands, consumers and partners.

Platform, website & Mobile

Our platform development capabilities equip you with the necessary infrastructure to target, engage and grow your customer segments.

Data, Insights & Analytics

We offer the entire spectrum of solutions – data processing, datamarts, data & web analytics and dashboards.

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