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Digital Consulting

StratAgile combines business, data, technology, intelligence and analysis to generate digital, mobile & social ideas, programs and platforms.

A great deal of science and art…


Website Consulting


Our web consulting practice addresses some of the commonest questions raised by our clients.

  • How do we enhance the effectiveness of our website?
  • How do we revamp our current multi-country multi-language website into a more scalable, secure & flexible online presence?
  • How do we create an integrated web-mobile-social ecosystem?


At StratAgile, we use and rely on frameworks, quantitative & qualitative tools for web analytics, UX, heat maps and visitor navigation behaviour along with industry benchmarks to address the business challenges facing your online platforms. A typical consulting assignment starts with a platform audit that uses deep dive analysis to address the specific business challenge and enumerate the feasible solutions.

A great deal of science and art…


Mobile Consulting


As mobility devices increasingly garner a higher share of browsing activities, adaptation of online platforms and campaigns into mobility solutions has emerged as the key to unlocking bigger business. These adaptations are in the form of mobile responsive sites, mobile apps across multi-operating systems and campaigns targeted at mobile devices. The mobility initiatives range from enterprise platforms to ad-hoc campaigns and customer service applications.

StratAgile uses a systematic approach to analyse the need, effectiveness and ROI of the mobile platform initiatives. The consulting practice provides a detailed audit of the business need, the form factor of mobility solutions, the refinement of the idea, competitive assessment, sustainability and multichannel integration.

A great deal of science and art…


Social Media Consulting


Social media has been changing the way brands interact and engage with their target audiences. It’s the forefront identity now. It’s the face of the brand. It’s the key channel to speak to your customers.

At StratAgile, social media is now an integral part of the marketing mix. We create entry strategies and engagement dimensions for the brand to interact across the social platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Weibo and Wechat. As part of social media consulting, we ensure that your social media channels are part of your digital strategy and leverage them for outreach.

A great deal of science and art…


SEO Consulting


Organic visibility is the key to success for your online platforms. With a team of multidisciplinary experts and a suite of proprietary tools, techniques and processes, our SEO audit is the starting point to assess the competitive performance of your website. SEO consulting comprises strategies and tactics together with implementation and ongoing optimisation. Our SEO experts will also provide the competitive benchmarks and reactive strategies based on the relative organic rank across various search engines in consideration.

Social Media Management

Our 'Social Media Management Protocol' framework provides you a scientific approach to managing multiple social platform identities.

Marketing Operation

We will handle your end-to-end marketing for both online and offline marketing. These includes brand management, assets creation, channel deployment and campaign operations.


Our 'StratCommerce' platform powers a seamless online, mobile and retail POS experience together with analytics and channel enablement.

Platform, website & Mobile

Our platform development capabilities equip you with the necessary infrastructure to target, engage and grow your customer segments.

Data, Insights & Analytics

We offer the entire spectrum of solutions – data processing, datamarts, data & web analytics and dashboards.

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