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Data, Insights & Analytics

StratAgile combines business, data, technology, intelligence and analysis to generate digital, mobile & social ideas, programs and platforms.

Making sense of your digital campaigns & numbers…


Data Processing


To streamline incoming data, StratAgile will develop, create and support data processing structures and workflows for your brand. These steps includes validating, deduping of data, filtering and merging files, and efficiently managing big databases. Data cleansing is a vital cog that involves processing and removing inaccurate and duplicate records and validating records against accurate lists of entities. We also include tools to enable you to filter records, merge files or join up multiple databases.

Making sense of your digital campaigns & numbers…




As part of our data and insights capabilities, StratAgile has the expertise to build, manage, run and expand your datamart to further enhance your data capabilities. Our datamarts (or data warehouses) are able to support multiple types of data, languages and even deployment locations. Built around a multi-layer security buffer, the datamart allows different security roles for different users. This allows users to use, manipulate and develop data while still retaining the data. Our enterprise level datamart allows for quick deployment, scalable and ready to be deployed in cloud or internal infrastructure. We also support big data technology.

Making sense of your digital campaigns & numbers…


Insights & Analysis


Part of storing data is making sense of data – which is why at StratAgile, we build self-help tools to support and empower users to derive insights that will be useful to you and your organisation. Our insights and analysis capabilities support:

  • Clustering – where we can determine how each group of customers behaves and how appropriate campaign mechanics can be deployed to support individual clusters
  • Decision tree – determining how different groups of like-minded people arrive at their decisions. This allows you to determine what the key influencing factors are
  • Regression analysis – this allows you to find the effects of changing a cause on a segment

Making sense of your digital campaigns & numbers…




Dashboards are graphically represented real time user interfaces showing key performance indicators. These dashboards allow you to understand and manage key top line numbers from actionable reports. Our key capabilities expands towards the off-the-shelf dashboards Microstrategy and Tableau.

Making sense of your digital campaigns & numbers…


Website Analytics


Our capabilities in web analytics include management, implementation, auditing and reporting of key web metrics around a unified platform. These include advance tracking of eCommerce, deep dive analytics and even scheduled reporting. These web analytics include expertise in Google Analytics, Webtrends and Omniture tracking.

Social Media Management

Our 'Social Media Management Protocol' framework provides you a scientific approach to managing multiple social platform identities.

Marketing Operation

We will handle your end-to-end marketing for both online and offline marketing. These includes brand management, assets creation, channel deployment and campaign operations.


Our 'StratCommerce' platform powers a seamless online, mobile and retail POS experience together with analytics and channel enablement.

Digital Consulting ​​

The strategic frameworks and consulting outcomes help you to create and establish rewarding relationships between your brands, consumers and partners.

Platform, website & Mobile

Our platform development capabilities equip you with the necessary infrastructure to target, engage and grow your customer segments.

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